Saturday, June 18, 2011

In the style of Keith Haring, group work

Group work, made by students of grade 2 and 3

You need:

  1. drawing sheet A1 size 

  2. pieces of cardboard 10 by 15 cm

  3. pencil

  4. scissors

  5. glue

  6. colour markers

  7. permanent black marker 

We worked in groups of five students.

Each student draws a figure on a piece of cardboard in the style of Keith Haring: no details, movement, a figure like in a comic. Cut the figures and trace them several times with pencil on the big sheet. Working together is required!


- Draw not twice the same figure next to each other.
- Vary the position: upright, horizontally, diagonally. Turn the cardboard to get a mirror figure.
- Do not start in the middle, but work from the side and place the figures as close to each other.
- Outline all figures with a permanent black marker.
- Divide the intervening areas into smaller areas by straight lines drawn with black marker.

- Choose one colour per person and colour the areas with these five colours.  
- Put your signature on the work, just as Keith Haring did!