Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunflowers in five different materials

You need:

  1. sunflowers or pictures of them

  2. white drawing sheet A1 size, cut in strips of 30 by 65 cm

  3. five different colouring materials, like colour pencils, tempera paint, watercolour paint, oil pastels, crayons, coloured ink, aquarell pencils etc.

  4. brushes

  5. pencil, ruler

  6. coloured paper

  7. scissors

Look with the students at some sunflowers or pictures of them. How thick is the stem, what can you tell about the leaves, how are the petals divided, what colours do you see in the heart of the flower, etc.

Divide the sheet with thin lines into five strips of 13 cm high. Draw some sunflowers. Make sure the flowers themselves are drawn at the demarcation of the strips. Make sure too that in each compartment at least half a sunflower or leave is drawn.
Choose five different colour materials. Use in every compartment a different material. Consider yourself the order of the materials, for example from bright (markers) to less bright (aquarelle pencils).
Paste the work on a coloured background. Or cut the five compartments and paste them with some space between on a coloured background.
Made by students of grade 5