Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter scenes

You need:

  1. styrofoam

  2. pencil

  3. block printing ink

  4. paint roller

  5. flat piece of plexiglass

  6. coloured paper

Explain the principle of printing. Why is it that people started to print texts and pictures?

Draw a winter scene with a pencil on the styrofoam. Squeeze out “toothpaste” amount of ink on plexiglass. Roll ink out. The ink is ready when lines appear. Ink should look wet.

Put the styrofoam on a newspaper. Roll one colour ink onto the foam, working quickly to cover all areas. Lay a sheet on top of foam and press with a flat hand. Take away the sheet and your print is ready. Let dry and cut it with about 1 cm around. Paste one or more prints on a white sheet. Decorate the frame with fingerprints.

Made by students of grade 2