Saturday, February 18, 2012

Patchwork landscape

By a student of grade 3.
You need:

  1. white drawing sheets

  2. tempera paint

  3. brushes

This is an easy lesson in perspective for younger students. Talk about perspective and show the picture of the disappearing railway.

Do a step by step guide on the blackboard to make this drawing:

1. Put the sheet in the width for you.

2. Draw a wavy line on 2/3 of the bottom.

3. Place a dot in the middle on the top of the sheet.

4. Draw lines with a ruler from the bottom and sides of the sheet to the dot.

5. Divide the strips in squares.

6. Draw houses and trees on the horizon line.

After this the students can finish their artwork independently. Paint the squares all different and use different patterns. Stpale or paste the artwork on a coloured background.