Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic athletes

You need:

  1. scissors

  2. glue

  3. white drawing paper A1 size

  4. cardboard in Olympic colours

  5. download athlete

  6. compasses

Start this lesson with the symbol of the Olympics: the coloured rings. What do these rings mean? What colours do they have? How are they placed together?

Ask one or two children to take the position of an athlete. What is the position of the legs, arms and body? Ask another student to show another position and discuss it again.

This is a group work for five students. Every group gets a big white sheet, five sheets of coloured cardboard (in the colours of the rings: black, yellow, red, blue and green) and at least five copies (don't worry about misusing one's work; it's the website of my school!) of the athlete.

Step one:
each group member cuts an Olympic ring, using compasses and scissors. Paste this five rings on the big white sheet. Look carefully which ring has to be pasted in front or back, and which ones have to be pasted through eachother. Be sure the little cutting line is pasted underneath another ring. Step two:

Every student takes a copy of the body (download) and cuts every part of it. Then these bodyparts have to be pasted around, in, behind and in front of the Olympic rings.